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How to start using PasteWall?

Sometimes the best ideas come from an out-of-nowhere eureka moment. But you lose them quicker than you catch them. Wouldn’t it be handy if you could record them right there and then? PasteWall lets you do exactly that. Our user-centric customizable interface is intuitive to navigate: note down the special life moments and re-order or move them around to piece together something new and fresh work.

Handy Quick Notes

When you come across texts, audiovisual materials or web links that you like, slap them onto your stickers first!

Movable Stickers

Each account is given five customizable title walls. Move, drag or do whatever you want with the stickers to inspire new ideas!

Account Settings

Can’t wait to tell people who you are? Edit your profile now!

Find a Friend

Find friends, follow celebrities or your favorite content providers! Add them onto your friends list, and follow their latest updates on PasteWall.


Real-time notifications let you stay updated on what others are up to.

How to use the Stickers